Hi, I'm Katie. 
I'm a central-CA based designer who loves to explore creative expression through visual media. Besides my endeavors in digital media, I can often be found at the craft store or at the hardware store buying supplies for one of the many mixed-medium projects I have going at any given time.
When I'm not getting my (proverbial or literal) hands dirty in the midst of a creative project, you can probably find me reading, spending time with family, taking my huge German shepherd to the park, or watching football--loudly.
I'd love to work with you to make something creative.
Email me at 12ninedesign(at)gmail(dot)com and we'll start the conversation.
Visit the Etsy shop (twelveninedesign.etsy.com) or follow on Instagram (@twelveninedesign) for snapshots of what I'm working on and what's coming up for twelve:nine!

(That handsome guy in the photo is my sweet husband, Josh.
We have been married since the summer of 2014.)

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